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**PreSale Convenient Food Cookbook

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400+ recipes Hardcover Cookbook


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Convenient Food is a beautifully made hardcover, spiral bound cookbook. It boasts of 400+ recipes that can help you live a healthy life while enjoying your food, as well as many beautiful pictures.

“Convenient Food chronicles one young woman’s personal journey as she transitions from a single girl cooking for a family of six to a married woman cooking for two. Improved technique, fresh ingredients, and a more balanced calorie approach mark a maturation in Briana’s culinary journey. In this book you’ll find traditional Mennonite favorites made healthy, but you’ll also find Briana’s unique take on ethnic cuisines – and a healthy dose of ice cream, of course! All of these recipes are free of refined sugar and white flour, separated by carbs and fats, and suited for a low-glycemic diet. With its emphasis on easy recipes and budget-friendly ingredients, this book will become a valued resource in your kitchen.”


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