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California Country Gal Cinnamon Roll Mix

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290 g (makes 12)

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Are you ready for some delicious Cinnamon Rolls?! We LOVE these mixes because each package makes 12 amazing Cinnamon Rolls and with totally clean ingredients, they’re KETO, PALEO and THM friendly!

“All I have to say is wow. I have been paleo for about 4 years now and that is the best cinnamon roll I have ever made by a long shot. I told our owner we HAVE to get this from you guys to sell in our shop! We sampled some out to a few of our gluten free customers, and they loved it as well.” manager at Ryan Brothers Coffee Houses, California

Just add water, apple cider vinegar, and eggs (or substitute), slather with grass fed butter, cinnamon and your favorite sweetener and your friends will never believe they are enjoying the healthiest cinnamon rolls around!