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ChocZero Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup

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12 oz bottle

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With our sugar free chocolate syrup, we put the exact same chocolate from our Dark Chocolate Keto Bark directly into a bottle–making it the perfect consistency to pour onto your culinary creations. This is a decadently thick syrup, perfect for hot fudge sundaes or dipping strawberries in.
With no preservatives and no sugar alcohols, our syrup is also free from additives and contains only five ingredients! You care about what goes into your body and so do we.
Want it thinner? Run the bottle under hot water for 10-15 seconds to make syrup warmer to change consistency. Want it thicker? Our chocolate syrup hardens when chilled, making it a perfect ganache or dipping chocolate.

A decadent sugar free chocolate syrup using real cocoa liquor and premium cocoa beans
Sugar free, sweetened exclusively with monk fruit–no sugar alcohols, no sucralose, and no artificial sweeteners!
Rich, fudge-like texture that works great for a topping or in baking
1g net carb a serving. Low carb, GMO free, dairy free, gluten free. Vegan friendly