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Crazy Mooskies Smokin’ Garlic BBQ Sauce


375 mL Sugar Free BBQ Sauce

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Crazy Mooskies BBQ sauces are sugar free and made with straightforward wholesome ingredients. As the name implies, they’re proud, crazy Canucks!

They’re sugar free, sweetened with stevia, and low in sodium! Check your shelves – how many other naturally sweetened, sugar-free BBQ sauces do you have?

Product description:

-5 Calories per 30 mL serving
-0g sugar
-Made in Canada
-Low in sodium
-Gluten free

Ingredients: water, vinegar, tomato paste (tomatoes), garlic, chipotle pepper, granulated garlic, salt, gluten free soy sauce (water, soyabeans, rice, salt, brewing starter (aspergillus sojae), granulated onion, black pepper, xanthan gum, thyme, stevia extract, celery seed, corriander, mustard, cinnamon


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