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THM Middle Mountain Whole Bean Roasted Coffee


12 oz

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You are about to drink the wrong coffee! Now don’t get us wrong (pun intended), this is still organic, still clean, still okay tasting stuff and ever so much better than most supermarket coffee but yep… it is wrong.
Here’s how the story goes… we boarded a helicopter and flew (or should we say bounced around in the air in treacherous weather) to a village almost 8,000 feet up in a remote mountain range in Guatemala. It was rumored the best and purest coffee grew there. No helicopter had ever landed there before. We made it alive (just), spent a day with the people of the village and tasted their incredible coffee which was the best we’d ever had.
Back at home, we waited and waited with excitement to receive our huge shipment of this fabulous coffee and bring it to you. You even picked the name… Guatǝ Mama Java! It got here but upon first sip we realized something. This was not it! We were sitting on over a hundred thousand pounds of wrong coffee. We learned it was from the same area, the same co-op even, but this was not our top of the mountain coffee… this was middle mountain coffee.
Sad and a little bit shameful, we let you all know what had happened. We couldn’t sell you this just okay coffee. You trust us for sourcing only the best. We couldn’t dupe you into believing this is the stuff you named. We’d take the loss and make sure to get the right stuff next time. But here’s how incredible you are… “Sell us your just okay coffee Serene and Pearl,” you said. “Don’t take the hit. Give us your Middle Mountain coffee.”
Touched and a little teary-eyed, we packaged this stuff up for you. Every bag of this might be wrong… but in a way it is right. There is still so much right in this world and your huge hearts that shouted out… “We’ll drink your okay coffee,” proves it.